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Water Based Classic Clear

Interior Product Features

Classic Clear Water Based Urethane is a ready to use, self activating urethane finish that delivers the durability of two part solvent-based products, with no mixing or measuring required. The excellent performance and ease of use make Classic Clear Water Based Urethane perfect for every type of interior wood surface.

Beauty for Any Surface
Classic Clear Water Based Urethane
comes in High Gloss and Soft Satin finishes. Each produce a long lasting, crystal clear finish.

Extreme Durability
Classic Clear Water Based Urethane has greater than 200 times the abrasion resistance of other one part coatings, and provides outstanding slip resistance, making it perfect for high wear surfaces like floors. It is not affected by common cleaning chemicals.

Simple, Fast Application
Classic Clear Water Based Urethane
can be applied as quickly as one hour between coats. True urethane technology provides perfect adhesion between each coat, with no sanding required. You can easily complete a 2 or 3 coat application in less than an afternoon!

Environmentally Responsible
Classic Clear Water Based Urethane
has virtually no odor, and it is safe to use in confined interior spaces. And all thatís needed for cleanup is warm soapy water.

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No sanding between coats

1 hour between coats

200X more abrasion resistance
than other interior coatings

Outstanding slip resistance

Not affected by common cleaning chemicals