Portico Restoration Project

Here are some photos of the portico restoration project I just finished. I used the same process described in Window Repair. The client was very pleased with the results. They said that one contractor who looked at the job was talking about rebuilding the entire portico!
It has a copper roof which leaked through screw holes which fastened the iron railing... they weren't bedded. I coated all similar areas with a clear-very sticky calk called "Through the Roof".

The photos start with CPES applied to cleaned out rotten areas. Epoxy-surrounded wood blocks along with epoxy-soaked sawdust was used to fill in the voids. The plastic-backed sheetrock helped reform the original curve and minimise trimming.
The entire portico repair took twelve hours. Eight hours were added to restore the bottoms of the pillars. Between the two, I used 77 oz of CPES, 28 oz of All Wood Glue, and 40 oz of Layup & Laminating Resin. Note that while waiting for the additional layup resin to arrive, I used All wood Glue thinned with CPES to make some sawdust filler which allowed the filler blocks to be installed. It worked well.

This repair job was submitted by:
Darrel Tracy
Quaker Crafts
Siler City, NC

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