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Photo of Fill-It 2 pint kit Fill-It,

Fill-It A non-sagging epoxy filler
for restoration of wood.
Easily sanded . Cures overnight.

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Fill-It epoxy filler represents a breakthrough in the technology of filling compounds. Through the use of advanced hydrogen bonding technology, we have produced a high strength, light weight, non-sagging, easily sanded epoxy filler. It consists of an epoxy resin and a curing agent derived from natural wood resin and so is very compatible with wood.

The two components are designed to mix one to one by volume. When mixed they become a gel which may be faired and worked to a feather edge. After one or two hours in moderate weather it begins to harden, and cures overnight. As soon as it does not gum up the paper it may be sanded, and paints or primers applied. It is easily carved or drilled, and screws driven into pilot holes without cracking. It has sufficient compressive strength that it may be used to fill defects in ferrocement hulls, and sufficient flexibility that it is suitable for wood or fiberglass boat hull repair as well as wooden beams, window sills, or other parts of buildings.

Fill-it contains an aerospace adhesion-enhancing additive to give it aggressive and tenacious adhesion to wood, cement and a wide variety of materials. It is reinforced with glass fibers for extra tensile strength. In fact all of the solid fillers or reinforcing additives are chemically engineered glass of one form or another. This gives the best long-term stability and moisture resistance.

Contains the Dual Synergistic Catalyst technology to give a longer working time and a shorter full cure time. This technology also ensures an absolutely dependable full chemical cure at temperatures as low as 28 ° F (-2 ° C).

CURE TIME / TEMP 100 ° F 70 ° F 55 ° F 40 ° F 28 ° F
POT LIFE 1/2 hr 1 1/2 hrs 3 hrs 6 hrs 16 hrs
CURED TO SAND 3 hrs 8 hrs 16 hrs 32 hrs 3 days
FULL CURE 10 hrs 24 hrs 2 days 4 days 10 days

Instructions for use.

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