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High Build Epoxy Paint/Primer


  • Reduces water absorption in wood and fiberglass hulls

  • Exceptional protection for aluminum, steel, and other metals.

  • High film build for maximum protection with fewer coats.

  • Chemical and water-resistant.

  • Can be used on flooring and concrete surfaces.

  • General Description:
    High Build Epoxy Paint is a heavy-duty two-part epoxy coating. When fully cured this paint is resistant to many industrial chemical fumes, water, and high humidity environments. Durability is high in exterior applications. Over coating is necessary when exposed to sunlight. FDA approved for commercial kitchen floors. Protects concrete floors in caustic environments like carwashes.

    Application Instructions:
    Premix each component (preferably with a power mixer) to a uniform consistency. Lumps are not acceptable. Mix equal parts by volume of Part A and Part B. Cover and allow to stand 15 minutes. Mix again; thin if necessary for application, and filter before use. Apply by brush, spray or roller. Thin 5 to 10% with Smith & Co. Epoxy Clean Up Solvent. Minimum number of coats is 2. Dry film thickness per coat is 4.3 Mils when applied in one or more coats at a net total usage of 144 sf/gal. Do not apply below 50° F or over 90° F.

    Physical Data:
    Working time (pot life) 2 Hours @ 68° F/20°C
    Hard Dry (recoat) 6 Hours @ 68° F/20°C
    Full Chemical Cure 48 Hours @ 68° F/20°C

    Cure times decrease by 50% for every 18° F/10° C temperature rise.
    When painting over fully cured paint, sand using 80-grit sandpaper.

    V.O.C. 315 g/l
    Flash Point 99° F
    Solids (theoretical) By Weight 73 ± 2%
      By Volume 60 ± 2%

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