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Easy 1:1 Mix - No Blush Epoxy
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All Smith & Co. Epoxy products feature an easy 1:1 mix
and do not produce amine blush as a byproduct.
No need to sand or wash before recoating. Saves Time & Money.
These products are made from the
natural resins of wood itself , which accounts for its natural compatibility with all wood, especially oily hardwoods.

How to use epoxy products?
10 Reasons to use Smith & Co. Epoxy Over Others

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Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer ™ ™ (known as) CPES ™ has been highly regarded for thirty years by the structural restoration community, primarily because of its ability to restore existing wood members by stabilizing wood deteriorating and helping it to resist further deterioration. This often eliminates the need for costly replacement. A secondary benefit, however, was discovered when CPES was used for wood restoration: CPES was functioning as a high grade adhesion-promoting primer as well, and the paint/stain/varnish topcoatings that had been applied were not failing within the expected time frame. Therefore, after restoration was complete, general maintenance costs were cut in half. Thus began the specification of CPES as an adhesion-promoting primer by architects and high-end contractors. Finally, word of mouth brought many a local homeowner to the manufacturer's door, asking how and where they could buy CPES for their own home repairs. Once you use it, you too will be telling others.

Picture of a 2 gallon kit of CPES Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer  :  Water thin epoxy for wood restoration and adhesion enhancement. CPES has a tough flexible resin system in a solvent blend that dissolves the sap, oil, and moisture found in wood. The resin system is derived from natural wood resin and develops a chemical adhesive bond to the wood fibers themselves.
The wood is strengthened while allowing the normal expansion and contraction with changes in temperature and humidity.
When repairing wood with mild dry rot, the CPES will migrate along the abnormal porosity which dry rot fungus creates within the wood, as long as it continues to be fed in. Impregnation of wood with CPES changes the cellulose of the wood (which fungi and bacteria find tasty and easily digestible) into epoxy impregnated cellulose which resists further attack from fungi and bacteria while strengthening the wood, accomplishing restoration. Paint or varnish will last longer because the paint has a strongly attached, chemically compatible surface to bond to.

CPES is available in Warm and Cold Weather formulas. The Cold Weather Formula features the Dual Synergistic Catalyst , which allows full and predictable cure down to 28 ° F, slightly below freezing. Use Warm Weather Formula when nighttime temperatures are above 50 ° F. Use Cold Weather Formula for nighttime temperatures below 50 ° F.

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Instructions for use.

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Picture of a 2 pint kit of Fill-It Fill-It ™ : Pre-thickened, high strength, non-sagging, flexible, and easily sanded epoxy filler
consisting of an epoxy resin and a curing agent derived from natural wood resin and so is very compatible with wood. It has sufficient compressive strength that it may be used to fill defects in ferrocement hulls, and sufficient flexibility that it is suitable for wood or fiberglass boat hull repair as well as wooden beams, window sills, or other parts of buildings. Cures overnight.
Contains the Dual Synergistic Catalyst for cold weather cure.
Instructions for use.
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Image of 2 Pint Oak and Teak Epoxy Oak and Teak Epoxy Glue ™ : is the newest generation of All Wood Glue from Smith & Co., embodying our new Dual Synergistic Catalyst™, a breakthrough in the control of epoxy resin curing. This new technology not only gives a long working time (without smoking like other brands), and cures twice as fast as older-technology products. Oak and Teak Epoxy Glue will glue all oily hardwoods. Our expertise in molecular engineering has allowed us to make Oak and Teak Epoxy Glue largely from the natural resins of wood itself. That is why it can dissolve the natural oils of oily hardwoods, and why it bonds all oily hardwoods. Epoxy glues made from petrochemicals cannot do this.Oak and Teak Epoxy Glue is unaffected by the natural acids common to many woods, which is why it bonds oak so readily.

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Image of Tropical Hardwood Epoxy Containers Tropical Hardwood Epoxy ™ : A highly flexible glue which will glue oily woods including Burmese teak, white and red oak, osage orange, apetong, araki and lignum vitae as well as oak, mahogany, spruce, or any softer wood. Oily hardwoods need no special pretreatment. It will glue (with proper surface preparation) a wide variety of glass, metals, rubber and plastic. When cured it will have the toughness and flexibility comparable to the harder woods with no tendency to bulge out of the joints after finishing operations. Can withstand high vibration and impact. After cure it is completely waterproof. Instructions for use.
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Difference and similarities between Oak and Teak Glue and Tropical Wood Glue?

Image of Layup and Laminating Epoxy Containers Layup & Laminating Epoxy ™ : For gluing large areas such as laminating sheets of plywood, or in "stich-and-glue" boat construction. It is specifically designed for ease of use in resin/fiberglass composite construction. It is especially compatible in wood/fiberglass/epoxy composite boat construction and ideally suited for glass layup on glass/polyester hulls where blister repair requires additional glass layup. No blush formula eliminates sanding between laminations. Advanced wetting agents saturate glass quickly and cures flexible and strong. Can be faired (when semi cured) by wiping with Clean Up Solvent soaked rag. Contains the Dual Synergistic Catalyst for full cure in cold temperatures.
Instructions for use.

LayUp and Laminating Epoxy is Not Available at this time

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Epoxy Clean Up Solvent ™ : Cleans up and thins any uncured epoxy products. Approved thinner for High Build Epoxy Paint. Unlike Acetone, this thinner does not weaken the epoxy bond by attacking the chemical reaction. Thins out two part finishes and extends flash time for spray application.
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Protect Yourself, use of Organic Respirator is recommended when using CPES, Epoxy Clean Up Solvent, and High Build Epoxy Paint. See Painting Accessories Page

Smith & Co. makes custom products. Modification of existing products may be done in quantity's of as little as 10 gallons. Custom products can be high temp adhesives, highly flexible epoxys, and even chemical resistant glues.
What do you have in mind? Call for details.

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