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Tropical Hardwood Epoxy

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Tropical Hardwood Epoxy is highly flexible glue which will glue oily hardwoods including Burmese teak, apetong, araki, osage orange, and lignum vitae as well as oak, mahogany, spruce or any softer wood. Oily hardwoods need no special pretreatment. A freshly sanded or saw-cut surface is adequate surface preparation. It will (with proper surface preparation) glue a wide variety of metals, glass, and rubber or plastic materials. The cured adhesive is completely waterproof and weatherproof.

Tropical Hardwood Epoxy was originally developed 25 years ago for Don Philbrick, a well-known builder of speedboats in the San Francisco bay area. Don wanted glue that would bond mahogany, teak and other woods used in marine construction and survive the pounding vibration which speedboats receive when their owners take the craft out for a ride. Over the last twenty-five years this glue has become famous for gluing any wood known to man or beast.

Our expertise in molecular engineering has allowed us to formulate Tropical Hardwood Epoxy as a thick liquid with a tendency to hang in small gaps. This is done without adding any fillers, thickeners, or other artificial means.

Tropical Hardwood Epoxy has a reduced tendency to be absorbed into the end grain of wood, thus minimizing glue-starved joints without sacrificing strength. When cured it will have a toughness and flexibility comparable to the harder woods with no tendency to bulge out of the joints after finishing operations.

Tropical Hardwood Epoxy is to be mixed one-to-one by volume, and is forgiving of minor mix ratio errors. Mixing by weight may be done at 10 parts A to 12 parts B by weight. For best results mix in one container, transfer to a second container and mix again. Allow sitting 10 to 20 minutes before use. Then allow sitting on wood joints with exposed end grain or exceptional roughness for at least half the pot life before assembly. Soft rubber pads under clamp faces will maintain an even pressure on the joint as excess glue is squeezed out.

Where a more liquid consistency is desired for gluing softer woods or for fiberglass layup, our Layup & Laminating Epoxy is appropriate.

Tropical Hardwood Epoxy does not cure properly in cold weather. For dependable cure below 55F use the Oak and Teak Epoxy Glue.

100 F 70 F 55 F
Pot Life (100 Grams) 1 Hour 4 Hour 6 Hours
Dry To Touch 3 Hours 10 Hours 20 hours
Substantially Cured 12 Hours 40 Hours 4 Days
Full Chemical Cure 24 Hours 60 Hours 6 Days

Size Price
12oz Kit $24.00 [Add To Cart]
2 Pint Kit $52.00 [Add To Cart]
2 Quart Kit $98.00 No Longer Available
2 Gallon Kit $295.00 No Longer Available
Larger mixed quantities will have a shorter pot life.
Location in the sun and other factors can also shorten pot life.

Difference and simularities between All Wood Glue and Tropical Wood Glue?

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